Education Program

Future Generation Program is organized by “No to blood feud – Yes to life” Foundation for many years now, and as its main purpose is to assist in the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children who are part of the families in blood feud . It was a conversation with a 10- year old boy, while we were paying a visit at his home, and as we were encouraging his continuance in attending school as our greatest aims in our vision, his answer was: ‘I do not need school, I am growing u to kill or to be killed because of blood feud. Why should I learn?’ This outcome of the attitude and the impression that this child had towards life moved our soul.

We understood that as we were helping these families with food, we were just helping them to be grown up enough to become target of blood feud, but we were not doing anything for the change of their mentality and the creation of new opportunities that life brings to someone who enjoys it.

This is how Future Generation came to existence. This program has a duration of 10 months parallel to the academic year, where children come after school to make their home-work, have English classes, computers and other activities designed and organized properly in order to have a positive influence in these children. This is important because most of their time they are in an environment that has a negative impact on their personality and encourages them to continue the cycle of revenge and non-forgiveness.

The results of this project are life changing and we want to ensure its continuity because we have understood that ‘A good education, is the key for the change of a nation’.