Pastor Dritan Prroj

Life & Deeds of Pastor Dritan Prroj
Pastor Dritan Prroj

Dritan Prroj was born on 25 May, 1976 in the city of Shkoder.

He grew up in “Ajasem” quarter of this city. After he finished the high-school, he studied for two years in the Word of Life Biblical School, in Tirana. Meanwhile, he attended in distance a two-year studies in the “International School of Ministry”, which was an American Theological University.

In June 2001, he was anointed as pastor of “Gospel of Christ” evangelical Church.
In November 2004, he founded “Word of Christ “Evangelical Church and the Humanitarian Foundation.

During 2006 – 2008 he was the coordinator of the “Northern Alliance”, that is a representative and a coordinative organ of cooperation in between seventeen evangelical churches throughout the Northern area of Albania.

During this period of time he has a certification from the Albanian Caritas for his participation in the seminar “Facing the human trafficking”.

From 2009 he was elected as board member of the Albanian Conservative Movement, where he respectively represented the conservative views of Albanian citizens, and he was involved as a leader in the plans of this movement for solving the problem of blood feud in our society.
He has given a precious contribution in the Civil Emergencies during the war in Kosovo, as well as during the floods in the city of Shkoder and the localities around it.

Starting from January 2010,( by that time being affected by the blood feud phenomenon),he used to work closely with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Shkodra Region, also in cooperation with the Civil Emergencies Headquarters he has given continuous support to around 100 families in “Ajasem” area for a long period of time. Also, as a response to the request of the mayor of Ana e Malit Commune, he delivered around 12 000 litres of water in Obot, Oblike and Muriqan villages. He has given support to 20 Egyptian families, as well as 70 Roma families from “Iliria” area, which were severely affected by floods and were evacuated in the premises of the Military Department in Rrencë. Also, the support given continued even after the floods for another 55 families in need, settled in the area of Livadhe, which was a flooded and a very poor area in the outskirts of Shkoder.

He would frequently travel abroad to create new connections with various donators, in order to help the people in need in Shkoder.

It is also worthy to mention the numerous activities for children in Shkoder as well as in Koplik. Through these activities was aimed the education and the entertainment of these children in a safe and friendly environment.

It was one of his goals to contribute with everything he had, giving material and spiritual support for the isolated families because of blood feud, and to become their voice for legal changes as far as it relates to the fight against this phenomenon which took his life in the end.
In distinction from others, even though he had all the opportunities to leave his country for a better future for him and his family, he chose to stand and never give up from the mission he had, and looking for the best in his city, challenging the blood feud isolation and serving to the community without taking into account his own life.

Even though his life did not last as long as he could see his dream realised, his contribution given during his life, as well as the unpredictable impact that his death had, raised awareness massively and vaguely in the Albanian society and gave a powerful stroke to the phenomenon of blood feud.

Despite the fact that such a person’s life was tragically taken away, his life and his deeds are memorable, and they are quite fresh in the heart of the people who had the chance to meet him at least once during his life, to be encouraged to go forth and never give up in the battles of this life.

His boldness and his mission became the cause for the foundation of “No Blood feud- Yes to Life” Foundation, which is doing an extraordinary work fighting against blood feud phenomenon, and it is raising awareness throughout Albanian society and the law makers, and it is giving precious and overall support to the isolated families.

To this story and to this example it is given platform in many European countries, in the European Parliament in Brussels, and even in one of the important meetings of world leaders in Washington DC.