Pastor Dritan Prroj

No to blood feud- Yes to life Foundation is founded on 4 October 2011, in order to fight against blood feud phenomenon, giving physical, psychological and spiritual support to the isolated families which are affected by it.

On 8 October 2010 Pastor Dritan Prroj, who was the pastor of Word of Christ Church in Shkoder, was brutally murdered at the moment he left the main door of the church. The reason of his murder was a crime that he had never done, but it was for a murder that his uncle had committed 5 years earlier that time. The brother of the victim took as target of blood feud revenge the pastor, as the only male of his tribe who had chosen to challenge this phenomenon with the means of peace, by defining the real concept of innocence with his life. In the moment he was murdered, in his briefcase were found the Bible and one of the projects that the pastor had for the fight and raising the awareness in the Albanian society and the government against the phenomenon. During his life, he was actively devoted in the fight against blood feud providing support for the families in isolation. He did this fight not only for his own life, but he continues to do it through his death and the heritage he left through the example which is worthy to be followed.

His wife, Elona Prroj, became the founder of the foundation and brought into life this project idea, which continues to be active even nowadays, due to the persistent work of many volunteers of the Word of Christ Church.

Actually, there are about 50 families which are affected by blood feud, and that the foundation provides holistic care. To this group of families are attached another 50 families in need which have previously moved from the remote mountainous areas and settled down in the suburbs of the city. They still live by the laws of the old canon. Through the various projects the foundation has provided support for their basic needs such as; basic food packages, clothes, medical and dental care, psychological and spiritual assistance. And, it is given a special attention to the education and the integration of the children of these families. And for raising awareness in the society and the government, various manifestations are organized against this phenomenon, in order to become the voice of those who cannot speak, to represent those who cannot, putting ourselves in a moment in their place and feeling their pain.